Active Care Group’s case management division takes on Tough Mudder

Active Care Group’s case management division takes on Tough Mudder


Active Care Group’s case management division are taking on Tough Mudder in Manchester on Saturday 13 of July to raise money for their chosen charity — Day One Trauma Support.

Day One’s vision is that “everyone affected by major physical trauma is supported to navigate the challenges they and their families face without feeling alone”. They help anyone affected by major physical trauma rebuild their life. “From day one, for as long as it takes.”

Our case management companies JSP Case Management, Northern Case Management, Pegasus Medical and Tania Brown (TBL) will be taking part in the muddy five-kilometre race alongside the division’s Managing Director Janette Wynn and Operations Director Stephen Neary.

Andrew Patterson, Business Director for JSP Case Management, said, “When this was suggested, I had no hesitation to volunteer and raise money for such a great charity. I was pleasantly surprised to have two other members of JSP sign up too.

“This is my third Tough Mudder, but it will be the first event for my colleagues who have both said they feel like they have signed into the unknown! I have suggested they avoid looking at the obstacles beforehand as that may increase anxieties!”

Someone taking part who didn’t get a chance to hear Andrews’s advice is Rebecca Rose, Business Director of Pegasus Medical, who said, “I’ve got absolutely no idea why I signed up, but it is for a fantastic cause. I am feeling totally terrified after watching YouTube videos!”.

Tough Mudder is described as some of the world’s most intense obstacle courses, and a commitment to overcoming challenge. It felt only right that in support of a charity that helps individuals overcome challenges in their lives following injury, that the division sets themselves their own significant challenge.

Teresa Rey-Salomon, Business Director at TBL, who was the first one to suggest the challenge to the team, said, “I have worked with Day One Trauma Support for a couple of years now. The work they do for people who have been affected by major physical trauma is inspiring. In our line of work, we see people’s lives change in an instant following a catastrophic life-changing incident. Day One Trauma work very hard to ensure they are there from the start. Offering support and guidance to people who do not know what help is out there for them.

“This will be my third fundraising project to help raise money for Day One Trauma Support. It is important to raise awareness to as many people as possible. Without these charities, many people would go without the life-changing support they need to start their rehabilitation journey. The money raised goes to such a great cause — it is changing people’s lives.

“I signed up to Tough Mudder because I want to contribute to helping people rebuild their lives. I am trying not to think about the obstacles in store for me on the day, I will tackle them one by one and do the best I can, let’s hope the gym sessions pay off.”.

The team are hoping to reach a target of £5,000, if the target is met Janette and Stephen have committed to wearing a very entertaining costume on the day…

Janette Wynn, Managing Director of Case Management said, “The case management division have worked closely with Day One Trauma Support for a while now and so it was important for us after seeing the incredible work they do to help raise money for them to be able to continue to support people who have experienced life-changing injuries.

“We wanted to do something that would be challenging, and yet also highlight what we do best in the division, and that is working as a team! Both to get through the obstacles and to raise as much money as possible for such a worthy cause.

Bring it on!”

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