Fast Fit Clothing – Wheelchair Focused Wear

Fast Fit Clothing – Wheelchair Focused Wear

Man in wheelchair wearing wheelchair focussed waterproof trousers

We are proud to be introducing you to our client, Sam Neale, who has used his personal experiences and entrepreneurial skills to set up his own retail business all about creating waterproof trousers for wheelchair users. As a Tetraplegic wheelchair user himself, we have spoken to Sam all about his vision for the brand, the success and praise he has received, and any future innovations. Carry on reading to hear Sam’s heart-warming and inspiring story told in his own words.

“I basically set the business up due to having a love for the outdoors but not being able to stay outside even if it was just a slight drizzle due to my trousers getting wet, and therefore being cautious of issues with my skin. When I first had the idea, I was a young man and when looking for a waterproof product I could not find anything that was appealing to me or that would suit my needs. So, I began to make a prototype for myself and had a pair of waterproof trousers made. It then occurred to me that there would probably be many other people out there that would benefit from the trousers also, so I began to market them on a small website and take them to my local spinal unit where I had some great feedback from some of the patients and spinal nurses, they said they had never seen anything like it through their career working in spinal injuries.”

Sam has created Fast Fit Clothing to benefit every wheelchair user who has felt the same frustration and concerns he has, which has led to missing out on social events and performing everyday tasks just because of the rain. For those with spinal cord injuries, sitting in wet clothes is not ideal for general comfort, let alone skin issues. Like Sam, we understand that wheelchair users should not have to sacrifice their personal style for comfort. Which is why the trousers are designed to be sleek and modern for both men and women, custom made, and easily fitted over existing trousers all whilst remaining seated in your wheelchair. Not to mention, they even come with a waterproof bag for easy storage!

Fast Fit Clothing is an affordable, high standard brand that has been widely successful since the launch in October 2018, and they have even started shipping overseas to America. We are so happy to hear that Sam’s revolutionary idea has improved the quality of life for so many and encouraged a new lease of independence. Currently, Sam has been working on exciting additions to the collection with their very own waterproof jacket! If you are interested in purchasing from Fast Fit Clothing or you know someone who could benefit, please visit or stay up to date with Sam over on his Twitter and Instagram @fastfitclothing. Once again, well done Sam!